Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools and knowledge to be able to produce a workable alternative to the 40 hour week.


“Hello Matthew, This is a brief letter to thank you and your staff, and to let you know how the program (Intervest) is going. As you are aware I have been involved within the racing game (as a ‘punter’) for over 25 years. During that time I have, to some extent, been successful, although, my results have been up and down. However, since purchasing your program and working the system as a business I have made constant and ever increasing profits. Although I still run a small business and had intended to use your program part time to give me and my family both financial freedom and the ability to enjoy life more fully, I am now at a stage where I must seriously consider this as a full time job.” Chris, South Australia

“I feel more confident than I have ever felt before, you are a terrific teacher. Thank you very much”.

Jessica, Queensland

“Even though I have only had the program a few short months, I’ve already shortened my working week from 5 days to 4 and I look forward to devoting myself to it full time in the near future.”
Terence, New South Wales

“Just a small note to express our gratitude and appreciation to all the staff at Intervest. They have been extremely co-operative over the years with downloads, training, information and the many other enquiries I have had; the service has been tremendous.

Since purchasing the Intervest some three plus years ago, I have retired and now utilising the Intervest as our main source of income tax free.

Working the program 2 days and 2 nights, we are able to earn $700 – $1000 per week”
Don & Sandy, Sth Australia

“Since we began using the Intervest Program, we have received consistent profits and are able, just with a few hours a week, to reduce the number of hours I work outside the home substantially. Being able to supplement our current income has relieved us of a lot of stress. Paying the bills before the due date, enjoying a more relaxed lifestyle and time with the kids. I would highly recommend that you look seriously at the Intervest Program. What can more time and money do to your current lifestyle.”
Gerard, Victoria

“I ‘invested’ in four races and made $557 profit for the evening. To think I wondered if it works!.”
Ray, Queensland

“I am extremely happy to be a client! The level of service and professionalism given to me by the various sales staff over the years including yourself has been outstanding. Lets not forget the patience in putting up with all of my questions over the years”.
Clifton, New South Wales

“I wish to acknowledge the first class training service which your company provides for new business operators. The content is very clearly structured and delivered, and therefore easy to follow. The process whereby trainees must execute homework to a satisfactory standard before progressing to the next stage is indicative of the company’s desire to “get it right”.” Garry, Western Australia

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