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Independent Report



The reason we decided to go ahead with the evaluation was the fact that the developers were more than happy for prospective buyers to have a look at existing client’s operations.

We decided to do the evaluation over a 30 day period utilising two operatives, one with extensive racing and betting experience, the other a virtual novice to the racing industry.


The program should ideally be run using a broadband internet connection with a direct link to the NSW TAB, unfortunately our offices are in an area where Telstra is as yet unable to provide broadband so we had to make do with the much slower 56k modem connection. As a result there were a few occasions where our live bets did not get placed in time, however for the sake of the study we have included the results as if the bets had actually been placed.

Intervest’s developers suggest a training period of no less than 30 days and a paper training period of at least 2 weeks but since the time and costs involved in that would have been to great we decided to make do with only one day of training.


On the basis of the month’s trial it seems that Intervest is a viable method of making a living from betting on the racing industry. Experience with racing is of little or no importance.


The evaluation was carried out over a 30 day period from February 1, 2003 to March 2, 2003. Intervest’s developers suggest 2 types of bets, “Bookie” bets (win) and trifectas, in practice we found that the success rate and achieved dividends of bookie bets were not good enough to bother with this type of bet.

Bookie Bets – A total of 25 bets placed over 30 days. Usually no more than 2 or 3 qualifying bets per day and a statistically insignificant result of a $3.65 loss over a month. However for professional punters with a good staking plan this may well be a very valid method of betting.

Trifectas – Intervest’s training officer told us he can achieve a success rate of close to 75% with trifectas betting. Our operators with very little training managed to achieve a remarkable 60% over the 30 days. The worst run without a winning trifecta was 5, the worst daily result was a loss of $900. The best daily result was a profit of $2,489.10.

PROFIT $12,801.50


- Night racing produced poor results, this is consistent with the fact that few favourites seem to win.
- Racing on soft or heavy tracks also produced below par results, this may not matter in winter as most horses racing then will have exposed form on wet tracks.
- Races made up of fields with a large proportion of debutant runners also produced poor results.
- Taking the above factors into account should improve results considerably.



PROFIT OF $12,801.50




PROFIT OF $12,801.50


- Intervest has strict guidelines, which must be followed to get the desired result.

- Our worst run was 5 consecutive losses, however it is theoretically possible to get a longer run of bad results so we would recommend a $2000 starting capital and no more than a $100 investment per race when first converting from paper trading to live investing.

- As with stock market trading, confidence is an important part in this kind of investing, discipline in following the guidelines is therefore extremely important. If our operators are any guide then it could be expected that the results would drop off somewhat when first changing from paper trading to live betting, not unexpectedly when real money is involved an element of concern about losses can effect the ability to make quick decisions. As long as purchasers are aware that this is a natural phenomenon then they will come through this period and good results will resume.

- Intervest provides considerable initial and ongoing training, it is important for buyers to avail themselves fully of this service.

- Daily analysis of bets and results is important as mistakes will be made, particularly when first converting to live investments.

- The software is not automated and does therefore need the operator’s full attention. We would strongly suggest that buyers not be tempted to do multiple tasks when running the programme.

- Results varied slightly with the class of racing. Metropolitan meetings achieved a 68% success rate, Country meetings and Provincial meetings achieved 58%.

In the opinion of Consultlink’s operatives there is no doubt that the Intervest programme is a viable method of investment.



Consultlink is an independent consulting company involved in a variety of industries but in particular, the company has considerable experience in the Racing industry with past involvement across all three racing codes.

Racing related projects previously undertaken by Consultlink include; the launch of a major American performance horse feed in New Zealand, the launch of a number of animal remedies in New Zealand and Australia, the introduction of thoroughbred breeding software to America and Germany and an ongoing project which has been published in Hong Kong’s prestigious “Racing World “ magazine on a monthly basis since August 2002.

Consultlink also has a thoroughbred breeding software program that has been responsible for producing a number of Group winning racehorses.

Note: While at the time of writing this report, Consultlink Pty Ltd was an independent entity, as a result of the confirmed success of their evaluation, Consultlink became a substantial shareholder of Intervest Global Pty Ltd on the 01/07/2003.

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